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: 10134
Kiwi - Black Leather Shoe Restoration Dye 2.5oz

: 10144
Kiwi - Shoe Cleaner Shampoo Gel 8.7 Oz

: 10143
Kiwi Aerosol Boot Protector 12 Oz.

: 10130
Kiwi Black - High Gloss Shoe Polish - USA Made


: 10118
Kiwi Black - Large Parade Gloss Shoe Polish - USA Made

: 10111
Kiwi Black - Small Parade Gloss Shoe Polish - USA Made

: 11105
Kiwi Black Scuff Cover - USA Made

: 10142
Kiwi Desert Boot Cleaner 4 Oz.


: 10102
Kiwi Express Sponge Shoe Polish And Buff

: 10105
Kiwi Honor Guard Military Spit-Shine Polish - USA Made

: 10106
Kiwi Military Complete Shoe Care Kit - USA Made

: 10109
Kiwi Military/Desert Boots Care Kit


: 10107
Kiwi Renew Original Finish/Shine On Heels and Soles - USA Made


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Kiwi Shoe Care
For nearly a century, KIWI has been passionate about shoe care. Find out how KIWI became the number one shoe care brand in the world, from the early days in 1906 until today. It was first made in Australia in 1906 and as of 2010 sold in almost 180 countries. Owned by the Sara Lee Corporation since 1984, ...

Shoe Care
Shoe care is essential to a lot of people. Shoe care accessories is a cheaper alternative than purchasing a new pair of shoes or boots for the shiny new look. If your shoe has some scuffs and light scratches shoe care accessories is all that is needed to make them look just as good as new. We offer ...

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