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: 1563
Black - Deluxe POW MIA Flag with Emblem 3' x 5'

: 1440powmia
Black - Military POW MIA Antenna Flag

: 1570
Black - Military POW MIA Patch

: 1569
Black - Military POW MIA Pin-On Crest Insignia


: 1699
Black - POW MIA Decal with Emblem (Back-Gum)

: 9369
Black - POW MIA Deluxe Adjustable Cap

: 1438
Black - POW MIA Flag with Emblem 2' x 3'

: 1463
Black - POW MIA Flag with Emblem 3' x 5'


: 1374
Black - POW MIA License Plate with Emblem

: 8494
Black - POW MIA Military GI Style Dog Tag

: 9288
Black - POW MIA THEIR WAR IS NOT OVER Adjustable Cap

: 6605


: 5192
Black - POW-MIA Headwrap

: 1538
Black / Red - POW MIA Flag with Emblem 3' x 5'

: 1595
Olive Drab - Military POW MIA Sew On Patch with Emblem


Category Results

Rothco Flags
You will find all the military flags that Rothco offers in this popular rothco category. We have been a retailer and wholesaler of Rothco products since the early 1980s. Founded in 1953 by Milton Somberg, ROTHCO began as a 2,500 square foot loft in the East Side of Manhattan. The business grew considerably ...

Military Polished Insignias
Military polished insignias are the same great military insignias that we already sell but in a polished looking finish. You will find US navy seals insignias, Army ranking insignias, USMC insignias, and officers cavalry insignias just to name a few in our military polished insignias category. A polished ...

The POW/MIA flag is an American flag designed as a symbol of citizen concern about United States military personnel taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA). The POW/MIA flag was created by the National League of Families and officially recognized by the Congress in conjunction ...

Small Flags
Small flags are miniature flags made for use at outdoor events, parades, office tables, house tables, and much more. Small flags are also known as desk flags and are great for decorating an office or for table decorations for events. Small desk flag are also great for waving in parades! They create ...

Military Caps
Military caps are the same great caps that we already sell and are all military themed. You will find camouflage caps, Vietnam veteran caps, Iraqi veteran caps, Korea veteran caps, POW MIA caps and much more. Military caps are manufactured as either adjustable caps which are in a one-size-fits-most ...

Military Bumper Stickers
A bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles - although they are often stuck onto other objects. Bumper stickers are also used as decorative stickers on refrigerators, binders ...

Military License Plates
Our military license plates are novelty license plates. Novelty license plates are similar to vanity plates, our novelties are printed with military words or phrases, but unlike vanity plates they are not intended for legal identification of an automobile. They can be displayed in the rear window, for ...

Military Patches
Patches are generally ironed on or sewed on or glued on to an item. They can also contain a hook and loop closure where the patch sticks to a piece of clothing and no sewing is necessary. Iron-on can be created by applying heat from a household iron. Military patches are military themed patches that ...

Military Insignias
Specialty pin on insignias are military themed insignias that generally contain military branch pins, military embroidered pins, military wording pins, and much more. A specialty insignia doesn't only identify ones rank, specialty insignias can also be awarded pertaining to different situations and ...

Military T-Shirts
Military t-shirts are the same great t-shirts that we already sell but in a general military theme. You will find POWMIA t-shirts, bombshell betty t-shirts, red china star t-shirts, skull and wing t-shirts, skull and black star t-shirts, and mercenaries t-shirts just to name a few in our military t-shirts ...

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