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: pi-F5474-07-001
Propper Black - Tactical Defender ECHO Softshell Law Enforcement Jacket/Liner

: propper-f5253
Propper Lightweight Tactical Shorts (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)
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: propper-f5312
Propper Long Sleeve Lightweight Tactical Shirt
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: propper-f5285
Propper Mens EMS Pants
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: propper-f5311
Propper Short Sleeve Lightweight Tactical Shirt
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: propper-f5470
Propper Tactical ACU Coat
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: propper-f5211
Propper Tactical ACU Trousers
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: propper-f5252
Propper Tactical Pants
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: propper-f5427
Propper Tactical Vest
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: propper-f5286
Propper Womens EMS Pants
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: propper-f5245
Propper Womens EMT Pants
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: propper-f5305
Propper Womens Long-Sleeve Tactical Shirt
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: propper-f5304
Propper Womens Short-Sleeve Tactical Shirt
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: propper-f5254
Propper Womens Tactical Pants
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: atlanco-1035
Tru-Spec Ascent Tactical Pants

: atlanco-426X
Tru-Spec Tactical Shorts
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: atlanco-1031
Tru-Spec Womens Concealed Carry Ascent Pants
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EMT Pants
All of our EMT/EMS pants are made from excellent quality, and are extremely durable. A big difference between BDU pants and EMT pants is that EMT pants generally contain 9 pockets when BDU pants generally contain only 6 pockets. Propper manufactures their EMT pants with a special Teflon coating which ...

Wholesale teflon

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