White Military Grade 550 LB Tested Type III Paracord Rope 50' - Nylon USA Made


Made of 100% heavy duty nylon shell. These paracord consist of a 7 strand core to increase the ropes Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) or often referred to tensile strength (TS). The 7 inner strands are made of 2 ply nylon. These type III paracords are 550 pound tested, this means the paracord can withstand stress up to 550 pounds without snapping or tearing apart. The diameter of these cords are 5/32". Essential Part Of Any Survival Kit. Lightweight, Strong, Durable and compact to easily fit into survival and first aid kits of all sizes. Quick drying & will not rot or mildew. The Type III commercial paracord are made by a certified US government contractor proudly in the USA. Exceeds the quality of military specification paracords. Top quality craftsmanship, detailed construction, improving every last detail. The Type III 550 LB tested paracords should never be used as a lifeline or a rappelling rope, though strong enough to withstand the weight of the average person. Paracords are also commonly referred to as parachute cords.

Paracords have an unlimited amount of purposes including purposes inside the house, outside in the yard, in the wilderness, first aid, arts and craft and much more. These paracords are often used for tent and pole support and building shelters. Often, campers use these ropes and a near by tree branch to act as a pulley to elevate food off the ground so it can't be reached by animals. Used as clothes line by many individuals and campers. The paracord can act as a spare set of shoes laces when needed or even as blousing garters. The inner stands are essential to first aid and survival in the wilderness. The strands of the cords can be removed and used as a fishing line, stitching to close a deep wound, dental floss, trapping and snares, sewing and much more. It is highly recommend to boil the strands before stitching a deep cut. Paracord bracelets are a very popular accessory worn by many children and adults for fashion and also as a survival tool, if needed to be used. You can make you own personalized paracord bracelet with the paracord we carry, it generally takes 9 - 11 feet of cord to make an 8 inch paracord bracelet. There is no reason you should be stranded without this essential surviving tool, it can mean the difference between life and death. White genuine GI 550lb nylon 50 feet cord. Size: 50' feet. Made In USA. This product is GSA Compliant.
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Product White Military Grade 550 LB Tested Type III Paracord Rope 50' - Nylon USA Made
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