Olive Drab - NBC Anti-Spill Military Canteen Cap

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Polypropylene, rubber and stainless steel material.. Enables user to drink from a canteen while wearing a gas mask. Fits standard 1-and 2-quart military and NATO standard 28mm military canteens. Adapter has a pressure valve fitting gasket, cover, and a coupling with a self-sealing valve. Receives the drinking hose from any NATO standard military gas mask like the msa millenium, m-40 and MCU-2p. Dimensions: cap: 1.85" diameter. Cap height: 1.36", Snap height: 2 5/8" (inches). NBC is an acronym for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. MIL-C-51278D. (Olive Drab). This product is GSA Compliant.

NSN: 8465-00-930-2077

  • GSA Compliant.


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