RUN TO CADENCE US MARINES Volume 1 Military Audio CD

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Running Cadences. Fall into rank with cadence-calling sergeants and drill instructors and run faster, farther, and easier. Documentary Recordings has been producing audio documentaries in the field with America's Armed Forces for forty years. CD are authentic documentaries of the action they represent. 30 tracks. Run to cadence US Marines volume I CD.

Track Listings: 1. Gimme That O' Marine Corps Spirit, 2. Marine Corps Colors, 3. Lift Your Head & Hold It High, 4. I Got A Girl In A Mississippi Town, 5. Mama And Papa Were Laying In Bed, 6. Everywhere We Go, 7. Jody, Jody, 6'4", 8. My Grandaddy, 9. My Grandmother, 10. Listen To The Rhythm Of The Tiny, Tiny Feet, 11. Here We Go -- All The Way, 12. I Love Working For Uncle Sam, 13. Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, 14. Pass To The Right And Cover Down, 15. Marine Corps -- Oh Yeah, 16. Mota, Mota, Got A Lot Of Motivation, 17. Recon Rangers, Life Of Danger, 18. The Motivated Left Foot, 19. Ain't No Use In Looking Back, 20. I Don't Know, But I've Been Told, 21. Give Me That Old Marine Corps Spirit, 22. If I Die In A Combat Zone, 23. I Had A Girl Down In New Orleans, 24. Listen To The Rhythm, 25. Up In The Morning, 26. If You Want It, You've Got To Earn It, 27. I Want To Be A Recon Ranger, 28. Ain't No Use Looking Down, 29. Five Miles -- Easy Run, 30. What Are You Going Do When You Get Back.
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