RUN TO CADENCE US MARINES Volume 3 Military Audio CD

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Running Cadences. Fall into rank with cadence-calling sergeants and drill instructors and run faster, farther, and easier. Documentary Recordings has been producing audio documentaries in the field with America's Armed Forces for forty years. CD are authentic documentaries of the action they represent. 23 tracks. Run to cadence US Marines volume III CD.

Track Listings: 1. 1, 2, 3, 4 United States Marine Corps!, 2. PT! Gimme Some!, 3. There's a U.S. Marine, 4. Mile Ten, Let's Do It Again, 5. Mama, Mama, Can't You See?, 6. Baby Marine, 7. If I Die, 8. Run Me, Run Me, Run Me, 9. Oh Yeah! Feelin' Good!, 10. Chesty Puller Said Before He Died, 11. Mama and Papa Were Layin' in Bed, 12. Don't Fall Out, 13. Hey! We Want Some PT!, 14. Up in the Morning, 15. Drip, Drop, Drippity Drop, 16. Delayed Recon Cadence Count, 17. Hey, Hey Whiskey Jack, 18. I Wanna Be a Drill, Instructor, 19. Nightmares, 20. I Used To Sit at Home All Day, 21. I Can run to Haiti Just Like This, 22. Sound Off, 23. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You.
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