Woodland Camouflage - Light Weight 3 Piece Ghillie Suit

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  • Lightweight, synthetic string material which is scentless, hand-washable, non-allergenic, fire, water and mildew resistant.
  • Hood is included.
  • 3-piece lightweight ghillie suit includes pants, shirts, and hood.
  • The shell for both jacket and pants are made of a 3/4" (inches) netting allowing user to insert natural vegetation or any additional material to alter camouflage pattern.
  • The jacket has a heavy duty molded zipper, cord locks, and elastic cuffed sleeves.
  • The pants have cord locks, elastic cuffed ankles and drawstring.
  • Cord for the waist.
  • It is great for paint balling, military, hunters, wildlife watchers, photography or general concealment for sporting event.
  • Stay concealed even at close quarters in a wide range of natural environment.
  • You can also learn from the military (Item# 1322) on the most effective ways to use the ghillie suit.
  • Woodland Camouflage - Ultra light ghillie suit jacket and pants set.


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