Propper Olive Drab Survival Utility Bracelet

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  • Cobra braided polyester cording.
  • 8-12 ft. of polyester braided cord in each bracelet.
  • Low-profile, easy clip buckle.
  • Color: Olive Drab

    The Utility Bracelet allows you to bring durable cobra braided polyester cording with you everywhere you go. You'll always have 8-12 feet of cord on hand, strong enough for repairs and rescue. A low-profile clip buckle helps you put it on and take it off easily. Wearing the paracord bracelet isn't only fashionable but it also serve as a survival tool in emergency situations. There are countless amount of applications of the paracord bracelet, it can be used as a rope tightly secure objects, a fishing line, the inner strands can be used to stitch up wounds and much more.

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    Army Navy Store

    Weight: 0.0 lb ( grams)
    H: pi-f5625-0a-330

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