Potable Aqua Military Water Purification Tablets - USA Made

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Made in USA. 50 tablets per bottle. 1 tablet per quart or liter. Great for both home use and travelers. Proven effective against Giardia. EPA approved. Used by the U.S. military. Wipes out bacteria and other micro-organisms such as viruses and protozoa. Emergency drinking water germicidal tablets. Makes questionable water bacteriologically safe to drink. Potable aqua water purification tablets.

Potable Aqua iodine water disinfection tablets were developed by Harvard University in conjunction with the U.S. Army in the 1940s, and have been used by the military for emergency drinking water disinfection for over 50 years.

Water purification tablets are portable tablets that remove chlorine, bad taste, lead, mercury and other bacteria from undrinkable water. Just add the tablet to water and wait a few moment for the water to filter itself.

Water purification tablets is a good item to have while hiking, camping or during combat, because you cant drink untreated water from rivers, lakes and the sea. These types of tablets can come in handy at the time of disasters as well. After an earthquake, the water present in the surrounding environment can be contaminated by harmful contents and clean water can be hard to find. A purification tablet can be used in such a situation to help in providing drinkable water to the victims.
  • GSA Compliant.
  • Made In USA.



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Product Potable Aqua Military Water Purification Tablets - USA Made
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