Ridge Outdoors Ladies Tactical Tank Top with Gun Holster


100% cotton. Integrated holster. Sleeveless design. Available for right or left hand draw. Available in black and white. Large or small holster sizes. Conceals most handheld guns. Wearable with almost any shirt for easy concealment. So comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing a holster. Manufactured by ridge footwear.
The concealment T is a comfortable and stylish t-shirt with a patented, specially designed, integrated holster. After many years of the old shoulder holster, or the belly holster (that everyone knows you are wearing), and other very uncomfortable holsters, we have developed a new holster that will change the way you carry a gun. The base of the holster is made of 100% cotton and quilted directly to the shirt specifically to keep the gun from hitting your side, while protecting it from getting wet due to perspiration. Positioned under the arm (left or right handed), for the best concealment. Your gun is held in the base with a specifically designed elastic band sewn at an angle, allowing a quick easy draw of your gun. The holster is sewn on a 100% sleeveless shirt to minimize gun drag. Using this holster you will not require a suit or jacket to conceal your weapon. Concealment T can be worn under your shirt or blouse like a normal t-shirt or tank top. No more worn out shoulders or strap marks that comes from most holsters. Concealment T is a stylish holster, so comfortable you will forget you are wearing a holster. Designed to fit under law enforcement vests, it gives an excellent way to carry back up weapons. Special operation teams, tactical teams, security or other personnel will enjoy the way they can carry a weapon without the bulk that comes from most holsters.



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Product Ridge Outdoors Ladies Tactical Tank Top with Gun Holster
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