.30 Cal. Metal Ammo Can - Original US Military Surplus Used M19A1

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Used in fair condition. Original US Military Surplus. .30 Cal ammo can. 200 cartridges. 7.62 MM, M13, overhead fire, 1 M62 .4 M80 LC-87j601l368 can be printed on front of ammo can. Metal ammo can original military surplus. Ammo can are ideal for storage, safe transportation of shotgun and rifle shells, tools, perishables, hunting camp items. Dimensions 10.25" x 6.5" x 3.5" (inches). M19A1.

The .30 caliber M19 / M19A1 steel ammunition can / box was developed to deliver belts of 250 .30-06 cartridges for the .30 Cal. Browning machine guns and was later used for the NATO equivalent 7.62mm rounds for the M60 machine gun and other weapons. It has also been used for various calibers in cartons, clips, bandoleers or other packaging. The .30 cal. steel M19 / M19A1 ammo can replaced the steel Cal .30 M1 / M1A1 ammunition box after World War II.

The steel construction M19 / M19A1 small arms box was introduced to replace the WW II era M1 / M1A1 .30 caliber ammunition box. Like its predecessor, the M19 / M19A1 can has been used not only for belts of .30-06 machine gun ammunition, but for many other small arms cartridges including the NATO 7.62mm rounds that superseded the .30-06 rounds.

The M19 / M19A1 ammunition box is used for many combination's of cartridges and packaging, primarily 7.62mm and .30-06 rifle and machine gun ammunition, but packed in belts, clips in bandoleers, bulk, cartons or other combination's.

The M19 ammo can (or box, ammunition, M19) was introduced in 1946 and was manufactured for a relatively short time. There are two known manufacturers of the M19, both in Michigan: Mt. Vernon Metals in Grand Rapids and the Rudy Furnace Co. of Dowagiac. Rudy was making these boxes as early as 1948 and possibly earlier. M19 production is believed to have been terminated no later than the end of 1953. The M19A1 superseded the M19 and was produced in much larger quantities, starting in 1954 or a little earlier. The M19A1 ammo can corrected all of the deficiencies noted in the M19. While M19A1 cans exist in abundance, by the end of the 20th century, M19 Ammo Cans were rare and seldom found outside of military collections.

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Product .30 Cal. Metal Ammo Can - Original US Military Surplus Used M19A1
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