Red One Piece Union Suit Thermal Mens Long Johns Winter Hunting Cotton Underwear

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100% pure cotton smooth rib knit material (1x1 rib knit) for natural softness. The original one piece union suit. Full length 9 button placket front. These warm thermals provide cold weather comfort thermal with moisture wicking technology to stay extra warm and dry. Long sleeves. Reinforced collarette, rib knit cuffs and ankles to retain snug-fitting shape to seal in body heat. Reinforced shoulder seams for longer wear, extra strength and durability. Wide overlap, 1 button seat. Vertical rear seat flap. Double thick cuffs. Full cut for comfortable fit. Shrinkage controlled for long-lasting fit. Washing instructions included. Red color. These old fashion style one piece unionsuits are a great classic and enjoyed by most. Can be worn as thermals, loungwear and are great for pajamas. Red - union suit original long johns thermal underwear.

A union suit is a type of one-piece long underwear. Traditionally made of red flannel with long arms and long legs, its buttons up on the front and has a button-up flap in the rear covering the buttocks (colloquially known as the "access hatch", "drop seat", "fireman's flap", and other names), allowing the wearer to eliminate bodily waste without removing the garment. It can be worn under your clothes or alone to go to sleep with.

Why Own or Wear a Union Suit? 1. A layer between yourself and rough fabric when working or riding horseback. 2. Sleepwear at home or camp. 3. Costume item. 4. Fashion statement. 5. Exercise wear. 6. Gag gift. 7. No elastic waist bands.

Despite their old-fashioned reputation, these relaxed-fit button-front body-suits continue to be made and sold. Some even attribute sex appeal to the garment. Worn by both genders, the union suit was made first of cotton, wool, or a blend of the two fibres. Both tended to shrink after washing which must have made wearing them something of a challenge. Understandably, a pure wool suit could be rather itchy. Today, union suits can be found in a variety of cotton fabrics, wool, polyester, polypropylene, silk, and even polar fleece.

Most associate the union suit with a square seat flap which drops downward when unfastened from two or more buttons. The seat flap could be square or triangle pattern. To save on production costs, most union suits have a vertical, single-button seat. When it comes to buttons, more is better. You don't want the suit to pucker open when sitting--with embarrassing results. Zippers seal out the drafts but may irritate without a storm flap-style feature. Those made especially for women usually button right over left in Victorian tradition.

Costume Suggestion: You will need a union suit a size or two larger than you normally wear (unless you're among friends). Add Animal Mask, tail, gloves or mittens, shoe covers/novelty socks or slippers. Flop the tail out the back flap. Tell everyone that you were scared out of you hide or your hide/pelt was sent out for cleaning/stolen/ in hock. A contender for most original/most creative/cutest costume. This idea got me into the semi-finals at a local casino. The Native Americans there really appreciate a good-humored moose. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated--no alcohol. A cool vest is a must if you're wearing a set of medium weight, or heavier longies for more than an hour. You could put cold freezer packs in your pants pockets or in an out sized athletic bra underneath, but don't let them touch your bare skin to avoid frostbite. You can even make a muscle suit by stuffing polyester or cotton batting between two union suits.

Union suits are also known as: one piece thermals, union suit with flap, red union suit, thermal underwear, warm cotton union suit, classic thermals.



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Product Red One Piece Union Suit Thermal Mens Long Johns Winter Hunting Cotton Underwear
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