McNett Multicam Camouflage - Self-Cling Camo Form Tape - USA Made

  • $ 2299

  • Removable And Reusable Self Cling Wrap.
  • Does Not Stick To Gear Or Weapons.
  • Does Not Leave Any Residue.
  • Instantly Camouflages Items, Quiets Clatter.
  • Great For Wrapping Items That Become Too Hot Or Too Cold To The Touch.
  • Superior Medical Support & Compression Bandage.
  • Made In USA.
  • Dimensions: 2" X 144".

    The McNett self cling foam tape is ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles & sheaths, ammo clips, canteens and more. Multi-Cam camo self clinging camo foam tape.

    Flexible, self-cling wrap stretches to conform to any object, without affecting functional controls. Ideal for shotguns, rifles, bows, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, outboard motors, oars, dog collars & other gear. Reusable allows for easy change of camouflage patterns. Quiets clanking gear, helps prevent scratches, reduces glare and protects form dirt and debris. Improves grip and insulates hands from cold surfaces. Weatherproof, adhesion is not affected by immersion in water. Prevents slippage of weapons on rocks, steep terrain and other smooth surfaces. Made in USA.

    Conceals, silences gear, reduces glare & increases grip. Provides added protection from heat, cold, dust and debris. Reusable!, easy to apply, easy to remove, leaves no residue. Heavyweight tape lasts for hundreds of applications. Allows for easy change of camouflage patterns. Will not interfere with functional controls. Reduces signature silences gear. Ideal for weapons, communication and navigation devices, flashlights, canteens & equipment of all kinds. Helps prevent scratches. Provides padding and insulation. Provides added protection from heat, cold, dust & debris. Weatherproof! Adhesion not affected by rain or immersion in water.

    Directions on how to use the McNett form tape:
    To Apply: Simply stretch Camo For around desired object, overlapping each successive wrap by 1/4 inch. For small areas and moving parts, cut and attach small pieces.

    To Clean & Reuse: Remove Camo Form from item and hand wash with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly then hang to dry. Self cling properties will be rejuvenated with this process Then simply reapply Camo Form as instructed above.

    Storage: Wrap Camo Form around a cylindrical object and store in a cool, dry place.

    Note: Camo Form will air dry while wrapped on most items. However Camo Form should be removed from guns, bows or other moisture sensitive items (wood, metal, etc.) if the item has been saturated by moisture or submerged in water. The item and tape should be dried thoroughly before reapplying Camo Form and before storage. Follow cleaning instructions before reapplying Camo Form.

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