Green Camouflage - Cobra Weave Paracord Bracelet

3 Sizes
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The cobra weave paracord bracelet is constructed of a 7 strand Polyester cord material. Each bracelet is made of approximately 10 feet of cord. The bracelet is equipped with a 3/8 inch black plastic side release buckle and has a 3/4 inch width. Wearing the cobra weave paracord bracelet isn't only fashionable but it also serve as a survival tool in emergency situations. There are countless amount of applications of the paracord bracelet, it can be used as a rope tightly secure objects, a fishing line, the inner strands cam be used to stitch up wounds and much more. Choose from 4 different sizes.



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ID: green-camouflage-cobra-weave-paracord-bracelet

Product Green Camouflage - Cobra Weave Paracord Bracelet
Option 3 Sizes
Brand Rothco
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7" $ 8.99 933 7

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8" $ 8.99 933 8

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9" $ 8.99 933 9

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