Military Heavy Duty Emergency Sand Bags - Olive Drab-100 pack

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Polypropylene material. Your purchase includes 100 empty sandbags. Drawstring closure. Sand bags are usually filled with sand or soil and used for such purposes as flood control, military fortification, shielding glass windows in war zones and ballast. Olive Drab - Heavy duty sand bags (Polypropylene) 100 pack. Dimensions 27" x 16" (inches).

Sandbags may be used during emergencies when rivers threaten to overflood, or a levee or dike is damaged. They may also be used in non-emergency situations (or after an emergency) as a foundation for new levees, or other water-control structures. ter usage, dry sandbags can be stored for future use. The military uses sandbags for field fortifications, or as a temporary measure to protect civilian structures. Sandbags are also used for disposable ballast in gas balloons, and as counterweights for theatre sets.

During the Second World War, sandbags were also used as extemporized "soft armor" on American tanks, to help defeat German anti-tank rounds. Sandbags are also used in weight training, either homemade or commercially obtained. Another common use of sandbags is to put them in the trunk of rear wheel drive cars to increase traction in inclement weather.A often unknown use of sandbags includes panel restoration and recreation. The sandbag being used behind the panel as it is beaten by a hollowing hammer to create initial angles and curves. Sandbags are also being used to make inexpensive homes that are energy friendly. Key features: Water repellent, moisture wicking, very breathable, quick drying, outstanding warmth to weight ration.



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Product Military Heavy Duty Emergency Sand Bags - Olive Drab-100 pack
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