Olive Drab - Single Super Hammock 20'

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Nylon material. Holds one ton of weight. Single person size. 20 feet long. Use as: hammock with or without sleeping bag, above ground camping storage, badmington and volleyball net, fishnet or dunk bag. Emergency stretcher or rope. Ideal for: backpacking and hiking, campers and trailers, boats and canoes, camping and picnics, backyards and cabins, patios and homes. This hand fashioned nylon hammock is the most comfortable and durable portable hammock made. The perfect high performance hammock at home or for traveling anywhere. Olive Drab Green single super hammock. Size: 20' feet long. Weight Limit: 881lbs / 400 Kilograms , Single Size, ulitmate comfort and durbaility.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate.



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ID: olive-drab-single-super-hammock-20

Product Olive Drab - Single Super Hammock 20'
Brand Rothco
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